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[blockquote type=”left” cite=”Weifield Group Contracting, Candace C. / May 2015″ class=”testimonial”]Hello Allie,

Thank you for sending the link to our event photos!!  We all had a wonderful time racing last Friday, and would definitely be interested in holding another event with you in the future!  The food was great, the racing was a blast, and the accommodations were all wonderful.  I will be telling friends, family, and others we do business with to strongly consider having their event at Unser!

Thank you![/blockquote]

[blockquote type=”left” cite=”Priority Plastics Inc., Leo E. / August 2014″ class=”testimonial mtn”]Dear Allie,
I would like to take a minute to drop you a note and say just how much our group enjoyed the racing event at your facility. Our team building activity included our CEO, CFO, COO and plant Managers from our five manufacturing facilities as well as some staff from our Arvada location. We were tremendously impressed with the quality of the service of every part of the program. From the minute we stepped inside the doors to the time we left we were treated exceptionally well. You and all of your personnel truly understand the meaning of customer service and it transferred to not just customer satisfaction but CUSTOMER DELIGHT for us. To those who meet and greet to the coordinators to the track personnel, great job and thank you.[/blockquote]
[blockquote type=”left” cite=”McCoy Sales Corporation , Tim L. / August 2014″ class=”testimonial mvn”]Good Morning Kelsie,
Thanks for everything yesterday, it was a great event and all the guys has a blast racing. The Food that was catered was a hit and the service level everyone provided was excellent. I am looking forward to the next Event we can hold at your Facility![/blockquote]
[pullquote type=”left” class=”testi-quote”]“We were tremendously impressed with the quality of the service of every part of the program.”[/pullquote]
[blockquote type=”left” cite=”Medtronic Inc., Marco C. / July 2014″ class=”testimonial mts”]Thanks for another great event; you guys always make it easy and fun! I enjoy the events there because the competition and fast pace get folks excited and interacting in a way that really wouldn’t happen otherwise. Even people that aren’t sure how to drive always end up enjoying it.
Thanks again![/blockquote]
[pullquote type=”left” class=”testi-quote plm”]“Many have said that it was the best offsite event they have ever had and look forward to doing it again.”[/pullquote]
[blockquote type=”left” cite=”Janus Capitol Group Inc, Jan Albright” class=”testimonial mts”]Everyone is thanking me today for the great time they had yesterday. I keep telling them that their thanks is missdirected; I just made the phone calls. I want to personally thank  you and your staff for a wonderful event. Everyone is just beaming today- they needed this. Many have said that it was the best offsite event they have ever had and look forward to doing it again. Lots of bragging going on and they can’t wait to see the photos. There have also been a few challenges thrown out in passing conversations. I bet they will be back…The bar has been set pretty high for the next group (Corporate Services); there is no way they are going to lose to IT.[/blockquote]
[blockquote type=”left” cite=”Intel Corporation, Paul Thayer” class=”testimonial mts”]I took my engineering design team down to Unser Racing to celebrate completing a recent milestone and to give the team a chance to enjoy each other’s company outside of the office. Tony was a big help getting everything organized before we ever showed up—his responsiveness via email was excellent. At the track, Allie was friendly and efficient—she made the pre-race training entertaining and got us racing shortly thereafter. The equipment and track was first rate. The racing gear was clean and available in a range of sizes. The karts were set up nicely, with adjustable seats and pedals. And most importantly, we didn’t find any “lemons” among the karts; all of the karts were competitive. The latest version of the track was great with plenty of fast sections and multiple turn sequences that took multiple races to master. Everyone had a great time. My team spent the entire drive home replaying various racing events, excitedly going on and on about both personal and team highlights. I would highly recommend Unser Racing for any kind of group outing, and I know I’ll be taking my team there again![/blockquote]