Unser Karting & Events is Denver’s top spot for an authentic karting experience!

What to Expect – Whether you’re an experienced kart racer or a complete beginner, Unser provides all the training and equipment you’ll need to look and drive like a pro on the track. From ages 6 and up, we’ll do our best to accommodate the needs of every driver who walks through our doors. All you have to do is show up, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Unser Kart Racing

Racing – All first time drivers receive a brief classroom training session covering the basics of kart operation, track layout, safety, race rules and flag signals. Then it’s off to our gear room to be fitted for a helmet, and optional race suit and neck restraint, before heading out to the track. Our quarter mile kart track is designed to provide an entertaining combination of twists and turns combined with pedal to the metal straightaways. A standard race lasts approximately 5 minutes, with most drivers completing 10-12 laps and driving 2.5 to 3 miles. We also encourage you to take advantage of our longer 7 minute races during non-peak hours, which run Monday through Friday from 10am until 5pm (Please note: 7 minute races are unavailable from December 19th until January 4th due to high volume.)

The Karts – Our gas-powered karts provide a level of subtle throttle control that electric karts just can’t match. Capable of achieving speeds of 50 miles per hour, there’s plenty of power and maneuverability for even the most seasoned kart drivers. On top of that, our rigorous maintenance program, and relatively short kart life cycle, ensures that all karts meet our high standards for performance and safety. There’s also no need to worry about air quality or smelling fumes in our indoor facility. Unser Karting’s ventilation and filtering systems are the most advanced in the industry, providing clean air and an environmentally friendly approach to karting.