Adaptive Kart Racing

High Performance Hand Control Karts

We were the first karting company in the United States to integrate hand-control karts for paraplegics and persons with physical disabilities into our regular fleet of karts. The adaptive karting system is installed alongside the foot-operated pedals in our standard racing karts. As a fully integrated structure, these controls operate like any regular kart, creating an even playing field and giving the physically disabled a chance to experience the high-speed thrills of racing in a fun and safe environment.

To use the adaptive system, a racer operates two paddle controls, located just beneath the steering wheel, with the right engaging the gas and the left engaging the brake. Activation requires the simple flip of a lever, which is located near the left-hand control. Flipping the lever to use the hand controls will disengage the use of the foot pedals, ensuring a smooth and safe ride. Unser track operators also provide benches placed between wheel chairs and karts to aid in the pit process. Foam padding and leg straps are also provided to secure legs to the center of the kart, making competitive racing as comfortable of an experience as possible.

Adaptive Kart Steering Wheel
Adaptive Kart Driver Entry
Adaptive Kart Driver Entry 2
Adaptive Kart Driver Entry 3