Kart Driver Training

Indoor Kart Training

If you’re looking to improve your lap times, kart control and overall race craft, then our high performance Kart Driver Training Courses are for you. Our team will go to work to help you improve speed, cornering, consistency, and safety while on the track. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced pro, we can provide you with the tools and knowledge to take your driving to the next level.

Our driver training courses start in the classroom, with an explanation of kart racing basics and techniques including drive line, braking points, kart control, and vehicle dynamics. After this portion is complete you’ll head out to the track with one of our experienced instructors. The first session will consist of lead-follow exercises where the instructor will show you the line, then follow you to check your progress. Later sessions will be observed by an instructor on the sidelines as you show off the day’s work. After each session our instructors will go over any notes, and explain lines and vehicle dynamics concepts in further depth.

1.5 Hour Package: $150 Per Person

  • 3 Races
  • Private Instructor

3 Hour Package: $250 Per Person

  • 6 Races
  • Private Instructor
  • Complimentary Lunch Provided

Outdoor Kart Training: Unser Kart

Available to anyone who has completed one of our indoor courses. One of our Performance Division kart instructors will meet you at the outdoor track for a full day of intense racing action where you will experience the ultimate adrenaline rush behind the wheel of one of our 30hp Rotax powered race karts.

Full Day Package (All-Inclusive): $500 Per Person

  • 15hp 4-Stroke Kart for Initial Training
  • 30hp Rotax Kart for Further Training
  • Private 1-on-1 Instruction
  • Safety Gear Included
  • Complimentary Lunch Provided
Outdoor Karting

Outdoor Kart Training: Your Kart

Our Performance Division instructors have led drivers to prestigious wins at national level karting events, as well as numerous state and regional championships. As a kart owner you can put the power of their knowledge to work for you. We offer complete training and maintainance packages that can be custom tailored to your level of dedication to the sport and development goals.

Haven’t purchased a kart yet and not sure where to start?  Let us help guide you to make a great decision about what type of kart will best meet your needs. Please refer to our Kart Sales page for more information.

Packages start at $250 per day.

For More Information or to Schedule a Training Session

Contact our Performance Division at:
Phone: (720) 484-4410
Email: performance@unserkarting.com

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