Where To Kart Race

After buying your kart from Unser Karting, it’s time to experience the great outdoor racing facilities in Colorado. Karting can be broken down into 4 different levels including rental, club, regional, and national. Once you have gotten your fix at the indoor track and know that racing is for you, it is time to move into club level racing.

There are club level series that run at just about every outdoor track in Colorado including:

  • Grand Junction Motor Speedway, Grand Junction, CO
  • IMI Motorsports Complex, Dacono, CO
  • The Track at Centennial, Centennial, CO

Other series include:

  • Rotax of the Rockies: Operates out of the Track at Centennial and is the US Rotax Max Challenge for Colorado. There are classes for ages 5 and up.
  • Colorado Junior Karting Club: A traveling club series that uses the Briggs LO206 engine. This club is for ages 5-15.
  • Rocky Mountain Pro Kart Challenge: A regional series that runs from Colorado to Utah. Classes from ages 8 and up.

Once you have your kart, what else will you need?

Tools: A basic metric tool kit will get you through most days at the kart track. You will need box and allen wrenches, and sockets in standard metric sizes 8mm-19mm. You will also need a basic set of pliers and screw drivers. Some specialty tools are required to re-mount your own tires, or do your own alignments. Unser Karting can get you set up with all the specialty tools that you need, or take some or all of the mechanic work out of your race day routine.

Support Equipment: Here is a list of some basic recommended items to bring with you to the race track:

  • Cooler with lots of water, healthy snack food, and lunch
  • Shade – not required, but you will find a simple 10×10 easy up will make the days at the kart track a lot more enjoyable
  • Kart Stand – something to work on your kart and move it around the pits
  • Fuel Can – A 5 gallon fuel can with a long hose for filling the kart.

Keep in mind that Unser Karting can supply all of the support equipment while providing mechanic and driver coaching services on any given day at the track.  You will need to have your own safety gear to race.

Make sure your kart is up to spec before you show up to the track.

Safety Gear:

  • Helmet with one of the following ratings:  CMR – 2007, CMS – 2007, Snell K2005/2010, Snell M2005/2010, Snell SA2005/2010, or SFI 24.1, 31.1, 31.2A, 31.1/2005, 41.1, 41.2a
  • Full karting suit
  • Gloves
  • High top shoes
  • Neck protection device
  • Competitors under the age of 13 must have an SFI 20.1 approved chest protector


  • Numbers on all 4 corners (some classes have specific color designators, check your local series)
  • Any weight must be safety wired or double nutted AND double bolted if over 7 pounds
  • Safety wire or double nuts on the brake rotor to hub and brake pedal to frame
  • Brake safety cable from pedal to master cylinder with a minimum diameter of 1.8mm
  • Nylock nut or safety wire required on the following:  Brake caliper and master cylinder bolts, steering wheel to hub, steering hub to shaft, steering shaft to frame, and tie rod ends, and both king pin bolts.

*Please check your series website for more detailed information on your specific racing series requirements*