Is there a minimum age or height to drive the simulators?

You must be at least 12 years old and minimum height of 54 inches tall. The simulators require the driver to be seat-belted in with a 4 point racing harness and they must be able to reach and operate the pedals comfortably and properly. The pedals can move forward and backward, but we must remind our visitors that these simulators are not arcade games. Our software reflects accurate driving conditions, and a younger driver is less likely to respond appropriately to the feedback the simulator is giving. These complex simulators are designed to show genuine driving circumstances in high performance race vehicles. The simulator’s functioning is entirely based on the actions and reactions of the driver. Racecars respond very differently than an average sedan and all drivers need to be aware that the simulators respond according to the chosen vehicle.

Are there other cars on the track with me? 

All of our timed sessions are ran as time trials, so you will be on the track by yourself. This will allow you to get the most out of your experience and not have to worry about other cars on the track.

Can I race my friends? 

The simulators are not linked together and run separately. We do have packages available for private and group rentals that allow for the simulators to be linked for drivers to race against each other.

Do you rent the simulators for private training or group events? 

We have several programs available from hourly private rentals for driver coaching and practice all the way through complete corporate outings. Please email directly and we will be happy to work with you to put a program together for you. Please contact simulators@unserracing.com

Do drivers have to manually shift the cars? 

Our simulators are equipped with standard paddle shifters on the steering wheel. We can also program each car to operate in fully automatic shifting if desired.

Is the Unser Simulator experience suitable for me? 

Unser Simulator Racing has been made suitable and accessible for most drivers, but regrettably there are some people for whom the experience would not be suitable. All users must be capable of entering and exiting the simulator’s driver seat themselves using their arms. Drivers should not use the steering wheel as a tool to enter and exit the simulator. The steering components of the simulators are sensitive hence the wheel should not be used as an entry or exit aid. The simulators can generate noticeable g-forces and therefore customers with weak necks, frail backs, and pregnant women should seek medical advice before using the simulators. Customers with heart or blood pressure problems should not use the simulators if the effects of raised pulse rate and adrenaline rush will affect their condition. Customers very sensitive to motion sickness should not use the simulators. Ultimately if you have a medical condition and you are unsure about driving you should consult your medical professional.