The Trackside Tavern

The Perfect Post Race Hangout

The battle for bragging rights may happen on the track, but the post race smack talk happens over delicious food and a cocktail (we’d recommend the Green Flag or the Pit Stop Cosmo!). The Trackside Tavern features a full service bar with 12 premium beers on tap, and an espresso bar for those times when a quick dose of caffeine may sharpen the edge before a big race.

Whether you’re in the mood for buffalo wings, nachos or a pizza, we’ve got you covered with a delicious food menu and plenty of flat screen TVs playing the best sporting events of the day. If that’s not enough to keep you entertained, large windows line the wall to the track and offer a great view of the fast paced racing action, or the game room is only a few steps away.

Trackside Tavern Bar
Eating at the Trackside Tavern
Trackside Tavern Guests